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FORD 1320, 1520, 1620 CAB ENCLOSURE KIT

FORD 1320, 1520, 1620 CAB ENCLOSURE KIT

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Part Number:FORD 1320, 1520, 1620

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Cab has steel roof, acoustical headliner, front windshield glass, electric wiper, supporting corner posts, side and rear vinyl curtains. Cab is not ROPS certified, but sits in front of the existing, un-modified factory ROPS. Cab is painted New Holland "New Blue". Special Fit-up Notes: This cab will fit bare tractors or tractors with a 7308 loader. Cab height is 64.25 inches, cab sits at ROPS bar give or take, measured from the platform floor. Installation Time: (Allow extra time for optional accessories) Dealer: 4-6 Hours Consumer: 7-9 Hours Standard Features: *INTERIOR MIRROR KIT *ALL REQUIRED INSTALLATION HARDWARE *ELECTRIC WIPER ASSEMBLY IN FRONT WINDSHIELD *FACTORY MATCHING COLORS *LEFT HAND DOOR, ZIPPERED VINYL PANEL WITH CLEAR POLY WINDOW. *NO DRILLING OF ROPS REQUIRED *REAR WINDOW, VINYL PANEL WITH CLEAR POLY WINDOW *RIGHT HAND VINYL CURTAIN WITH CLEAR POLY WINDOW *STEEL FRAMED WINDSHIELD WITH TINTED SAFETY GLASS

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