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Part Number:BOBCAT CT120 / CT122

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This new Indy cab is not ROPS certified, but sits over the existing, un-modified factory ROPS. Included in this cab is an electric wiper on the curved front safety glass windshield. The windshield glass is hinged and opens several inches at the bottom for improved ventilation. This cab comes standard with a Left Hand hard door with a sliding glass window for good ventilation and a secure latching handle. The steel roof on this cab is painted white. Special Fit-up Notes: This cab will fit bare tractors or tractors with a 6TL factory loader. However some tractors MAY REQUIRE an optional Shim Kit. This cab does NOT fit Backhoe equipped tractors at this time. The hard rear window, does not fit tractors equipped with the FIXED ROPS. Cab height is slightly under 84 inches high as measured from the ground or 62 inches high as measured from the platform floor. Installation Time: (Allow extra time for optional accessories) Dealer: 6-8 Hours Consumer: 10-12 Hours Standard Features [Hide] INTERIOR MIRROR KIT

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