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Dakota cabs feature modern OEM styling with curved tubing front corner posts, easy door removal, external door locks, high impact ABS roof, acoustical headliner, curved front windshield, front windshield wiper, front & rear hinged windows, pre-wired for optional accessories. Cab is not ROPS certified, but sits in front of the existing, un-modified factory ROPS. Special Fit-up Notes: This cab will fit bare tractors or tractors with a SL48 loader. Loader tractors must be equipped with the fender-mounted remote loader valve. ISO Mount tractors require the optional ISO Mount Replacement Kit. Note: When a tractor is ISO-Mounted, the floor of the tractor is mounted with rubber cushions between the floor and the frame, so the floor of the tractor floats and doesn't move as much as the tractor does. The problem this can cause for our cabs is if we mount to both the floor and the frame of the tractor, damage can occur to either the tractor or the cab. The ISO mount replacement kit just replaces the rubber cushions with something rigid so that thefloor doesn't float anymore. Cab height is 67 inches, measured from the platform floor. Installation Time: (Allow extra time for optional accessories) Dealer: 6-8 Hours Consumer: 10-12 Hours All Sales Final. Standard Features: *INTERIOR MIRROR KIT *CURVED FRONT WINDSHIELD *EASY DOOR REMOVAL *EASY INSTALLATION *EXTERNAL DOOR LOCKS *FRONT AND REAR HINGED WINDOWS *FRONT WINDSHIELD WIPER *HIGH IMPACT ABS ROOF *LEFT HAND DOOR, REMOVABLE PIN HINGED WITH TINTED SAFETY GLASS *MODERN OEM STYLING *PRE-WIRED FOR OPTIONS *RIGHT HAND DOOR, REMOVABLE PIN HINGED WITH TINTED SAFETY GLASS

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