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160A-TP2 T-Post Auger

Your Price: $325.00
Part Number:160A-TP2 T-Post Auger
This attachment has a possible lead time of 3 to 4 weeks. 
Please call for updated lead time - 877-611-0382 x 103
  • Ideal for all drilling applications from dirt to Concrete and even SOLID ROCK.
  • 30 bullet
  • Rugged planetary drive units feature heavier components than any competitors and will outperform all other drives in their class.
  • Uses carbide bullet teeth
  • For drilling “T-Post” holes in dirt, clay,
  • compacted soils, frozen ground,
  • fractured rock, solid rock and
  • concrete. Features 2" dia. replaceable
  • carbide pilot and 15/8" by 38" OAL solid
  • stress proof shaft. Drilling depth - 30"

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