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Your Price: $1,145.00
Part Number:125 3/4 cuyd. CONCRETE BUCKET
This attachment has a possible lead time of 3 to 4 weeks. 
Please call for updated lead time - 877-611-0382 x 103
  • No moving parts, no flimsy chutes to get torn up, no gates to freeze up with old concrete, no hydraulics to get contaminated with dust and dirt. Works better than complicated systems costing thousands of dollars. 
  • Built to take the abuse of a fast moving construction job. Reinforced corners strengthen the sides. The bottom is protected and strengthened by 1/2" thick steel bars. 
  • Overall rugged construction ensures dependability, pour after pour. This is an attachment you can use, set in the yard, and know it will work when you come back to use it
  • Simple , straight-forward design, keeps costs low. Typically pays for itself on the first pour. 

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